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We know a lot about procurement and logistics. We'll find and deliver products directly to your warehouse from trustworthy manufacturers in China.

Are you an importer with your own suppliers?

Still only thinking of importing from China?

We'll find the product that suits your request and get the best offer from a supplier or take over all the cooperation with your supplier
You'll be able to review product quality before your order: we'll send you photos/videos and bring you samples
We'll organize shipment to your warehouse from China with all the required customs documentation

The product you need

Ready for sale

We'll provide all the documentation you need to sell on marketplaces and in stores along with the products, including instructions and certificates of conformity.
✓ trustworthy supplier

Meets the most demanding expectations

Thousands of our trusted suppliers will offer high-quality products at your request, and JoomPro's team of experts will help you purchase a batch on favorable terms.

® Customize with your own brand name

Customized products according to your needs
Create personalized packaging!
Translation of Chinese manuals into your language
Customization of your products with your brand logo

Absolute transparency and reliability ☂

⚠ Defective items shall not pass

We work with independent quality control companies. Their representatives test each batch according to international standards and compile verification reports, which are often up to 40 pages long. We send the order to the customers only after they've approved the quality of the batch.
☺ quality assurance
☺ measurement process

✓ Check the quality before buying

You can confirm the quality of the batch even before you receive it: we'll send photos, make a video review, or set up a video call to show you the products. You can also check the products personally – we can deliver samples to you.

Controlled delivery

We set the terms of delivery in the contract and keep you constantly informed about the status of your shipment, including where the products are located and when they'll arrive at your warehouse.

We are experts in working with Chinese suppliers

☺ cooperation agreement signing with the Guangdong Association
☺ product samples
☺ product loading
☺ manufacturing
☺ our office in China
JoomPro is part of the Joom international group of companies which specialize in e-commerce. We've created a mobile marketplace, where more than 400 million users from 190 countries can buy 30 million products from China and other countries.We have vast knowledge of trustworthy Chinese suppliers, how to get the best offers, and how to deliver your products. We're happy to share our expertise with you to help your business grow.

Client reviews

David, LLC «АТК»
We purchase a wide range of products from China: from medical devices and massagers to kids punching bags. Before I started working with JoomPro, I had arranged deliveries through a cargo agent. This experience was a negative one: the delivery deadlines for products worth over $13,000 were not met, and I was actively pressured over payments. The experts at JoomPro have found factories that produce the quality products that we require. Thanks to our work with JoomPro, our annual turnover has more than doubled.

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