VAORLO Portable Selfie Stick Bluetooth Remote Control Three-In-One Integrated Self-Timer Tripod Mobile Phone Bracket Live Bracket

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Product Details: 1. Product length: 19cm after storage and 68cm in total length 2. Product compatibility: iOS system Android 5.0 and above can be connected to Bluetooth 3. Product weight: about 140G 4. Product color: black, black and white, white, red, orange, green, pink

Features: 1.Tripod integrated design, can be used as a mobile phone tripod, desktop stand, convenient for group photo, release your hands to chase drama; 2.Bluetooth remote control design, with the traditional self-timer function when it is installed, it is more convenient to take a self-timer when it is removed. 3.The first 360 mobile phone clip design, switch between horizontal and vertical shooting; 4.The mobile phone clip is turned 270 , and the appropriate angle can be adjusted arbitrarily; 5.Anodized aluminum alloy telescopic rod, bid farewell to unstable deflection; 6.Portable design, easy to put in the bag

How To Use? 1: Long press to turn on the remote control switch, the blue indicator light of the remote control flashes 2: Turn on the phone's Bluetooth, search for new devices, and then connect. 3: Open the camera software of the mobile phone after pairing and connection. 4: Apple mobile phone can directly press the shutter of the remote control to take pictures. 5: Most Android phones can also directly press the shutter control to take pictures. 6: Please download auxiliary software for some mobile phones that can't control taking pictures, then open the camera settings in the auxiliary software, and set the volume key function item to take pictures

Packing List: Selfie stick * 1 Bluetooth Selfie * 1

Product type: Selfie Sticks