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Medical Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Pulse Meter Portable YK-BPW2

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🌹Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor is with LCD digital display, which is used for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate (suitable for crowd above 12 years old, not for neonate). This blood pressure monitor applies to daily health care for home use or outward activities, you can measure your blood pressure duly in order to make blood pressure health management. It is also applied for blood pressure reference of clinical patients, but not as a diagnostic basis.

💦PACKAGE CONTENT: - 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor - 1 x User Manual - 1 x Retailed Box 😉TIPS: (without battery)

💦FEATURE: ✔Small delicate design ✔Clear LCD digital display ✔It can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times ✔Automatic compression and decompression ✔Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not ��? display units: kPa, mmHg ✔The product will automatically power-off in 1 minute after measurement

😉CORRECT MEASUREMENT METHODS: 1)Sit in a chair, don’t lean forward or bend your body. 2)Before measurement, take a deep breath three or four times, recover to the normal breath, relax your shoulders and arms. Make sure your body relaxed. 3)During measurement, the middle of the wrist cuff should be the same height with the heart. The body and your wrist can not move. We recommend that you put a soft cushion under the elbow.

😉ATTENTION: ✔During measurement, make sure your finger in the natural extensions, otherwise the measured value will be high although the position of the wrist cuff is right. ✔Do not hold the wrist cuff by the other hand, otherwise it will cause the error measurement. ✔Don’t press your arm during measurement, otherwise the value will be increased. Before measurement, keep yourself in a relax, comfortable mood. During measurement, don’t move the muscle on this arm, if you need, you can put one soft cushion under your arm. ✔In every measurement, you should use same posture and wrist. ✔If the position of the wrist cuff is lower or higher than heart, the reading will be higher or lower.


✔The machine has 2 kinds of BP units,which is mmHg and KPa, please refer to 3.4 part for the specific method of setting.

✔Take the mmHg value as an example in the following explanation.

1)Press the “ON/OFF��?key, the machine will automatically return to zero, arm with automatic start filling with air, the pump started to inflate the wristband,

2)In the process of inflation, the screen will display the pressure changes in the wristband. When the machine detects the pulse, the heart icon will flash.

3) After measurement, the machine will simultaneously exhaust and displays your blood pressure value and pulse number. 💦Note: the machine will automatically save the blood pressure and the pulse number.


✔During measurement, keep quite until the measurement is finished.

✔Make sure the machine and the heart at the same height until the measurement is finished.

✔If the buckle is off during measurement, please re-wrap the wrist cuff and fix it tightly and measure it again.

✔Do not repeatedly measured within a short time, it may result in wrist gore, so that the measurement value is not correct. In order to make the arterial blood pressure returned to its previous state, relax your wrist for 2 or 3 minutes before the next measurement.

😉Pay attention to the following 5 points during measurement: 1)Take deep breath for relax before measurement 2)Take measurement after urination and defecation 3)Take measurement with proper posture 4)Take measurement at a fixed time everyday 5)Avoid taking measurement in extreme cold or hot room

🎄Usage Methods of Wrist Strap 1) During measurement, the palm Should face upward. Roll up sleeve, wrap the cuff directly against Your skin. Do not apply over clothing. 2)Position the cuff leaving a clearance of approximately 1-1.5cm between the cuff and the bottom of your palm. The measured range of the wrist is 13.5-19.5cm. 3)Grasp the ends of the wrist cuff, pull it and make It close to the wrist, then fold it, make sure the cuff is not too tight or too low with your skin. 4)Fold the remaining part of the wrist cuff back out of the way.


✔ Before fixing the wrist cuff, don’t press the switch button.

✔If the wrist cuff can not be used on your left wrist, it can be used on your right wrist.

✔If the cloth of the wrist cuff not closed with your skin, during the measurement, it will loose, make sure the wrist cuff is securely fastened.

🎯The following conditions would cause BP value variation even you take measurement at home. Within 1 hour after meal After having liquor, coffee and black tea After smoking, sports and shower Talking during measurement When you are nervous and under unstable mood Take measurement with the posture of abdomen being pressed Moving during measurement Room temperature changes dramatically When measuring places or environment changes frequently Take measurement in moving vehicle Under continuous measurement for a long time

🎯Don’t rely on your own judgment towards measurement result, please follow the guidance of doctor.

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On-time delivery guarantee
We provide customs clearance and certification
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