SPH0645 I2S MEMS Microphone Output Module Microphone Breakout Sensor Module 1.6-3.6V 50Hz-15KHz For Arduino Raspberry Pi

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SPH0645 I2S MEMS Microphone Output Module Microphone Breakout Sensor Module 1.6-3.6V 50Hz-15KHz For Arduino Raspberry Pi

Listen to the good news - we now have a breakthrough board for the ultra-small I2S MEMS microphones. Like "classic" electret microphones, MEMS microphones can detect sounds and convert them into voltage, but their size is getting smaller. This microphone does not even have an analog output, it is purely digital. I2S is a small, low-cost MEMS microphone, the range is about 50Hz-15KHz, suitable for all common audio recording / detection.

For many microcontrollers, one of our analog microphone breakthroughs adds audio input. However, as you use more and more microcontrollers and microcomputers, you will find that you do not have analog input, or you may want to avoid noise that may penetrate the analog microphone system. Once you have passed the 8-bit micros, you will often find an I2S peripheral that can take digital audio data! This is where the I2S microphone breaks.

Instead of analog output, there are three digital pins: clock, data and left and right (word select) clock. When connected to a microcontroller / computer, the "I2S host" will drive the clock and word select pins at high frequencies and read the data from the microphone. No analog conversion required!

The microphone is a single mono component. You can select whether to leave the left or right channel by connecting the select pin to the power supply or ground. If you need stereo, pick up two microphones! You can set them to stereo by sharing the Clock, WS, and Data lines, but by selecting the ground and selecting High.

This I2S MEMS microphone is a bottom transplant, so make sure your bottom hole faces the sound you want to read. This is a 1.6-3.6V maximum device, so it is not used for 5V logic (really unlikely you have a 5V logic device with I2S anyway). Many beginner micro-controller boards do not have I2S, so before attempting to wire, make sure that they support the interface! The microphone is best suited for Cortex M series chips such as Zero, Feather M0 or single board computers such as For Raspberry Pi.

Package incluede : 1 x Module 1 x Pin Header

Product type: Electronic Modules

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