NRF24L01 ATMEGA48 Wireless MCU Development Board Module With SPI To IIC I2C TWI Interface 5V Max Transmission 70M 44x23x12mm

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For Robot control, remote control. Information collection.

Using I2C (TWI) communication protocol, which greatly simplifies the communication process of NRF24L01. Users do not need to understand the complicated NRF24L01 communication process which greatly improves the development efficiency. Adopt NRF24L01 as Wireless communications chip,reliable communication protocol and reducing data loss. Maximum transmission distance can reach 70m (for reference only).


Operating voltage: 5V Hold time of Module receives the data:more than 2S Hold time of Module sends data:more than 300s Transfer rate: 50Byte / S (theoretical value) I2C/TWI Address: 0x47 (decimal 35) NRF24L01 Address: 0x34, 0x43, 0x10, 0x10, 0x01 (from low to high) Size:44 x 23 x 12mm(L x W x H) Color:Black Net weight:6g Package weight:16g

Package include:

1 x ATMEGA48 + NRF24L01 Interface wireless module

Product type: Electronic Modules

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