5pcs Hot Melt Glue Stick Adhesive Sticks Diameter 11mm With Free Glue Gun(free Gift)

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Parameter: Color: yellow Material: resin Length: 27cm Diameter: 11mm Feature: Special glue sticks are not the same as glue sticks on the market. The sticks are sticky and must be several times higher than the market before they can be used for car repairs. When repairing car pits, glue must be attached to the car pits with a suction cup, and then vigorously pull the friction to make the pits pull up, so the viscosity of the glue is very important. Compatible with a variety of hot melt glue guns, giving you easy and free operation anytime, anywhere. After the car is repaired, the residual glue sticking to the body should be cleaned and sprayed with alcohol to the residual glue, and then scraped off with a spatula.

Note: 1. When using the glue stick, wipe it with alcohol first and then put it into the glue gun for use, in order to better melt the glue. 2. When the car is repaired, it is suitable to choose a sunny day, so that the glue can play a better effect. 3. The adhesive viscosity of the suction cup will cause the viscosity of the adhesive to be unstable due to humidity and temperature. Generally, the adhesive can dry in 3-5 minutes in sunny weather, and it needs 5-10 minutes to dry in rainy days. 4. In the process of using T-type, suction and bridge repair devices, if the suction cup suddenly falls off, it may be because the melt glue is not applied enough, the body is hot, and the method is not correct, apply more glue, turn off the car engine, and repeat It's no problem to operate it a few times.

Contain: 5x plastic strip

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