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Size:120cm*160cm/140cm*200cm/160cm*230cm/180cm*280cm/200cm*300cm Suitable for Living room, room Material: Polyester Bottom: Wear-resistant plastic Non-slip resistant bottom Advantage: A: chemical fiber polyester material, feel comfortable, strong stretch, at the same time done anti-fouling and electrostatic treatment. B: belong to the high-end materials, but the price advantage than nylon. Features: home carpet is more affordable, relatively high grade products. To solid color to reflect the different styles of modern furniture, in order to achieve the perfect taste. Also suitable for bedroom, study, restaurant. Living room and so on. Maintenance methods and machine wash method 1 The carpet can be cleaned with a vertical and roller household washing machine. When cleaning, please read the instructions of the washing machine and choose the appropriate mode for cleaning the carpet. The carpet may not fit if the shape of the washing machine is different. If you encounter this situation, please do not have a hard plug, please also use hand wash. 2 Please use neutral detergent. (Powder detergent, please pay attention to be fully dissolved), please do not use bleach. 3 It is best to use the cleaning net. 4 When you put into the cleaning net, be sure to keep the back and fold in the back

This paragraph is pure color of the carpet is not only bright, more people feel happy, bright colors, soft luster, even more unique taste and grade master. Variety of colors optional, wild variety of interior decoration style, decorate your home living environment.

Product type: Rugs

Product type: Rugs

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