350*200*200mm Stainless Steel 8LB Grease Trap Interceptor Oil Water Separator For Restaurant Kitchen Waste Water Treatment Tools

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Package include: 1 x Grease Trap Interceptor (With Accessories As Picture Shown) Specifications: Color: Silver Material: Stainless steel Size: 350��200��200mm(14��8��8") Water outlet diameter: 45mm Feature - The product is suitable for the treatment of oily water of mineral oil, animal oil, vegetable oil, mixed oil and various emulsified oils wiith high-efficient oil-water separation effect. - Widely applicable to petroleum, chemical, power, steel, oil field, shipbuilding, port and municipal engineering industries, catering industry, etc. - Mechanical gravity oil-water separator has compact structure. The interface connection is simple and the floor space is small. - Easy to clean and maintain. - It can be arranged in the open air, or underground to prevent freezing. It has automatic shut-off device, oil drain device and sampling port. - Check the cleanliness of the corrugated board once a year. If it is dirty, just use a high-pressure water gun to clear it.

Product type: Water Filters

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