VAORLO Portable Selfie Stick Foldable Mini Selfie Stick Plug and Play With Mirror For iPhone IOS Android

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Color:Black,Pink,Green,Blue Size:14cm-67cm Wight:About 120g

Features: 1. Portability Products using new materials, light but exceptionally strong, more compact, in the carry on bag, it accounts for only slightly larger than the glasses box space. Lightweight design will never become a burden for travel. 2. Easy to operate The entire process is very simple, pull out the handset clip, clip the handset, insert 3.5MM audio line to the earphone jack, then you can take pictures. 3. Plug and Play Use the 3.5MM audio cable to connect the headset jack, no pairing, no charge. 4. Needn't charging Bluetooth self timer lever in carrying the charging cable, and battery life is limited, in the long journey is likely because no influence your self beauty. 5. Compatible Android Apple general belt line self bar, Android 4.2.2 system, iphoneios5.01 version, no need to download the software, directly insert line mobile phone audio interface, you can control the mobile phone camera, self timer lever market the most simple. 6. Upgrade tank 4 Do not shake, do not rotate, anti shake, clear pictures, the tube thickness conforms to the lever principle, the use of 3 hours a day, do not feel tired.

Package Incude:

1*Selfie stick

Product type: Selfie Sticks