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Features: The charge for the small, two fitting for household tourism The material is completely use high-end PC fire prevention, prevent broken shells The full automatic stops; prevent the battery overcharge, safe and reliable Take the straight plug, can be directly plugged in to recharge the battery, easy to use

Specifications: Type: smart USB universal charger Material: PC material Plug type: EU/US/UK plug Color: Black Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 150mA Output: DC 4.2V 400mA +/-50mA,USB Port Output: DC5.2V, 1250mA(USB) Connecter: US Plug Short circuit and overload protection Note: This Charger Just Fit For The Battery (32mm<=width<=55mm) Compatible for: many more rechargeable lithium-ion batteries under 4.7 volts

Package included: 1 X Universal Battery Charger

Tips: 1. Waterproof moisture-proof - electronics, or the water for a long time need not when exposed to damp air The oxidation can cause corrosion or the internal electronic components; 2. Drop shock - usually used must be careful, not rough, do not throw, beat or vibration. May destroy the charger inside circuit board; 3. Prevent virulent chemicals - don't use strong chemicals, detergent or strong washing cleaning charger Appearance of stains cotton dipped in alcohol scrub;

Product type: Camera Chargers