4 Pcs/Set Microwave Oven Two Egg Poacher Sandwich Breakfast Instant Cooker Kitchen Tool With Brush

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Multifunctional egg cooker tools. Can be used as egg poacher and Jelly model.

Four different cute molds with lid and brush.

BPA free plastic(PP5) material. Healthy and Eco-friendly.

With a simple operation, you can make an interesting egg model.

Pay Attention:

Before putting the eggs. Apply some oil to the inside of the mold.

After boiling,It can be placed in cold water for cooling. Convenient for taking out eggs.



Size:7.5 x 7cm

Quantity: 4pcs/set

Product list:4 Pcs/1 Set * Cute Egg Poacher

Product type: Egg & Pancake Rings

Product type: Egg Poachers