IPX6 0.56" Digita Tube 12V LED Voltmeter Waterproof AMP Volt Meter Green For Car

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Descripeion: 1. This voltmeter adopts a fully enclosed shell design, soaked in water for a short period of time and can work normally without damage. 2. The voltmeter is small in size and is displayed by three 0.56-inch LED digital tubes. 3. Two-wire system wiring, simple wiring; direct measurement, no external auxiliary power supply. 4. This voltmeter can be used to detect battery voltage in motorcycles, automobiles, etc., and to grasp the battery status in time.

Features: Product size ��56mm*31mm*13.5mm Measurement accuracy ����1V Voltage range ��3-18V Line length ��100cm Power supply mode�� DC DC two lines Display mode ��Three 0.56" LED digital tube Waterproof rating�� IPX6 Shell material�� AS

Wiring method�� Red is connected to the positive electrode and black is connected to the negative electrode.

Note: 1. The power supply voltage used in this voltmeter should not be higher than 18V. Please pay enough attention to the table to avoid residual damage to the voltmeter due to motor spark, power supply ripple or other excessive abrupt voltage. 2. Since this voltmeter uses LED display, it requires a certain working current, so it cannot be used for high internal resistance voltage measurement, such as weak signal voltage and button battery. 3. Pay attention to the wiring method, the red line is positive, the black line is negative, and it cannot be reversed.

Package Included: 1PC��0.56 inch LED waterproof voltmeter DC3-12V Emerald

Product type: Voltage Meters

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