AC 110-220V / DC 12V Digital LED Temperature Controller 10A Thermostat Control Switch With Probe

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Description: Category: XH-1411? Classification: AC110-220V / DC 12V ?????????????????????????????????? Working principle: digital temperature control?? Power: 10A?? Temperature range of temperature controller: -19~99 Celsius degrees?? Product introduction:?? Using MCU control system and highly accurate temperature detection probe, this product is clearly better than other products of the same category in terms of temperature control performance and accuracy. This product uses the design of three display windows, which can perform real-time display for start and stop value. Moreover, it has other functions such as intermittent work, time switch, etc. It can be widely used in greenhouse cultivation, aquaculture and animal husbandry, computer lab temperature control and other fields. It is also a great helper for household life! Main parameters: Product name: Highly accurate digital temperature controller??? Specification and model: XH-1411??? |Temperature measurement range: -55~+120 Celsius degrees??? Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.3 Celsius degrees Resolution: 0.1 Celsius degrees Temperature control range: -19~99 Celsius degrees Control accuracy: 1 Celsius degree Temperature measurement probe: NTC10K/B3950 standard 1m water-proof probe Power supply voltage: DC 12V Display color: red, green, blue, yellow (alternative) Applicable environment: -25~55 Celsius degrees, humidity 20%~85% (no condensation) Output type: 10A relay output Appearance size: 90*60mm Open hole size: 70*50mm Usage method: 1. Plug the plug of this product to a household socket. If the screen displays temperature, it means the power supply has been correctly connected.??? 2. Put the temperature control probe into the places that need temperature control, and set the start and stop temperature according to your needs.??? 3. Plug the plugs of heating and refrigeration devices to the socket of temperature controller, and then you can achieve temperature control.

Package Included:? 1PC*Electronic Thermostat 10A LED Multifunction Temperature Controller+ Probe

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Product type: Laboratory Thermostatic Devices