12V LED Display Trigger Time Delay Relay Digital Module 0-999s 0-999 Seconds

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Input Voltage: 12V

Current: equal to or greater than 100mA

Load 250V 10A AC or DC 30V 10A

Power consumption: 0.5W

Delay range: 0-999 seconds

Size: 55.8mmx34mm

Adjustment method: 1. The initial power on, the system defaults to 10 seconds total, 10 second break time. 2. Time set: Left key - LED digital adjust control, circulation increased from 0-9; Right key - LED selection key. After power on, press the left key, about 3-5 seconds, the third LED starts flashing, you can continue to press the left-or right-button.LED flashing numbers can be changed from 0-9 if press the left key, LED-if press the right key to select, when one is selected, the corresponding flashes. When the LED corresponding to the 3 digits after the setting is completed, wait about 3-5 seconds, the system will automatically save settings, according to the set value starts to count down after the next startup delay 3. Back to Electricity and starts according to the set value function

Package Included: 1PC*12V LED Digital Display Trigger Time Delay relay Module 0-999s 0-999minutes

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Product type: Electronic Modules

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