DC 12V 10A W1308 Digital Dual LED Thermostat Controller Sensor Switch Meter With NTC Probe wholesale

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Instructions: 1. Connect the power supply and load according to the instructions. Be careful not to overpressure and overload! 2. Setting mode, long press SET for 5 seconds will display P0 Short press SET to set H (red light) to heating mode C (green light) to cooling mode 3. Set the stop temperature, press the SET screen once. Press the up and down keys to directly set the desired temperature. 4. ENT is the confirmation button. Press and hold this button to realize the function of power on/off.

Technical parameters: Temperature control range: -50 to 120 C Resolution: -9.9 to 99.9 hours 0.1 C Other temperature range 1 C Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.2% FS Temperature control accuracy: 0.1 C Refresh rate: 2 times / sec Input power: 12V-24V-220V optional (see purchase parameters) Measurement input: NTC10K (B3950) 1 meter waterproof sensor Output type: relay output, maximum capacity 10A Environmental requirements: -30 ~ 60 C humidity 20% - 85% Machine size: 100*48*28mm Opening size: 27*22mm

Package Included: 1 x W1308 12V 10A Digital Dual LED Display Thermostat Alarm Controller

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Product type: Laboratory Thermostatic Devices