Ultralight Outdoors PVC Waterproof Bag Swimming Beach Dry Bag Snorkeling Diving Float Stuff Sack

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Specifications: 2L/5L/10L/20L/30L Material: PVC + Checker cloth Package: 1* bag Color: Black / Red / Blue 2L: 12 cm * 29 cm in diameter, suitable for single mobile phone, keys and other small things 5L: 19 cm * 40 cm in diameter, suitable for single mobile phones, wallets, cards, chargers and other small pieces 10L: 19 cm * 56 cm in diameter, suitable for single person to travel and store all kinds of small pieces, digital products and swimwear light clothes 20L: 24cm*60cm in diameter, suitable for 1-2 outings to store all kinds of small pieces, digital products, large clothes, etc. 30L: 26cm*70cm in diameter, suitable for 2-3 trips to store all kinds of small pieces, digital products, large clothes, etc. 1. Before using this product, please do the waterproof test and check whether there are any damaged parts, especially the sealing area and the surrounding area. 2. After each use, please check the corner and seal, and avoid strong impact and scratches. Do not use at high temperature for a long time. 3. After using in water, if you need to take out the articles, please dry the surface and seal layer by layer to avoid the residual water entering the waterproof bag. 4. In order to achieve better waterproof effect, please fold your pockets down not less than three times. When playing outdoors, do not immerse all your pockets in water. In addition, when opening, please clear the pocket water and open it again: Do not use it as diving articles. If you need to install electronic items such as mobile phones, it is recommended to add a special waterproof protective cover. (5) Usage: Put in the articles, fold the bag mouth around the hard plastic sheet three times, and then button and insert it. High-capacity waterproof Bags, suitable for swimming suits, swimming goggles, towels, sunglasses and other daily necessities. Suitable place: swimming pool, beach, fitness, makeup, daily. The material is thick and wear-resistant, high frequency seamless welding, excellent waterproof performance, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for swimming, drifting, tracing and other outdoor sports as a collection bag or auxiliary floating life-saving articles; in summer, back to the beach, to the seaside, Camping and swimming can solve the problem of collecting waterproof items such as clothes, mobile phones and cameras. It can also be used as a bucket in outdoor camping fishing activities.

Product type: Swimming Bags

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