Smart Watch Stopwatch Music Player Multifunctional With Camera Birthday Gifts Game Waterproof 1.44 Inch Smartwatches

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Features 1. Multifunctional smartwatch. With clock, music, games, stopwatch, camera, video, calculator, calendar, recorder, alarm clock, timer, photo album wallpaper and other functions, can help children learn to distinguish the time, etc.(This is nor a Phone Watch) 2. There are seven types of smartwatch games, including 2048, Basketball Shooting Master, Bee War, pinball hitting bricks, Ultimate Racing, Car snatching, Mario eating Gold. Children can play and choose their favorite games through the touch screen, train their hand-eye coordination, and improve their imagination and reaction ability 3. High definition pictures. Equipped with a 300,000 megapixel camera, children can easily take selfies and record high definition videos, which can help them record beautiful moments, which is great fun for children (including 1GB card). 4. Music player and custom wallpaper. You can download music as a player to the watch and adjust the volume.You can then set the wallpaper to any image you like 5. High quality material. Environmental protection material, non - toxic, durable, anti - fall. The built-in 400 mAh battery can last 3-4 days. Birthdays/parties/Christmas presents for boys and girls 3-12 years old Specification Screen Material: Pplastic Wristband Material: Silicone Color: Pink, Blue, Black Screen size: 240*240 color touch screen RAM/ROM: 32M/32M Waterproof Rating: IP65 life waterproof Menu language: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish Battery: 400mAh lithium polymer battery Communication Type: No card Communication Function: not supported Camera Pixels: 300,000 pixels Core Functions: Taking pictures, mini games, MP3 playback, video recording, video playback Small Functions: Alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, recording Charging Time: 2H Standby Time: 100H Weight: 41g Size: 234.6x39.9x14.2MM Package Includes: 1 x Watch 1 x Manual 1 x Cable

Product type: Smartwatches