Bedroom Room Floor Mat Simple Rug European Style Living Room Rug Coffee Table Blanket Sofa Home

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Applicable scene: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, stairs Material: polyester fiber Bottom: plastic non-slip particles Style: European and American style

Size:120*160cm Size:140*200cm Size:160*230cm Size:180*280cm Size:200*300cm

Packing quantity: 1 PCS Product Type: Carpet Note: Oversized carpet packaging may fold and have slight creases, but the creases will slowly disappear after a period of time, or disappear after being ironed several times with iron. Be careful to buy, thank you for understanding

Due to manual measurements, please allow 1-2 cm to be different. Please compare with your detailed size before purchasing. Due to the difference in the computer screen, the actual project color may be slightly different from the above.

detail: 1. Protect your floor from wear and reduce noise. 2. Provide excellent traction and higher safety. Non-slip materials help reduce slip and provide non-slip and safe grip for children. 3. Easy to use and clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt.

The carpet can be cleaned using a vertical and drum type domestic washing machine. When cleaning, read the instructions for the washing machine and choose the appropriate way to clean the carpet. If the shape of the washing machine is different, the carpet may not be suitable. If this is the case, do not use a hard plug, please wash it by hand.

Product Type: Carpet

Product type: Rugs

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