T Type Wire Cable Connectors Terminals Crimp Scotch Lock Quick Splice Electrical Car Audio Kit Tool Set wholesale

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1. Type: nylon terminal 2. Working frequency: low frequency 3. Scope of application: car 4. Interface type: AC/DC 5. Shape: Rectangle 6. Production process: welding 7. Features: waterproof 8. Contact material: brass 9. Insulator material: pa 10. Number of cores: 1 11. Number of stitches: 1 12. Application area: Electrical and electrical 13. Color: red; blue; yellow 14. Nylon insert connector length: 2.5 cm 15. Quick connector cable connector length: 3.7 cm 16. Diameter: 0.35 cm (red); 0.45 cm (blue); 0.7 cm (yellow) 17. Insert width: 6.3 mm 18. Terminal width: 1.1 cm


Step 1: Plug the wires into the connector. Step 2: Fold the connector and squeeze until it locks. Step 3: Insert the wire into the shovel connector and press the wire tight. Step 4: Insert the shovel joint directly into the other end.


*1. it is not easy to leak. (a) No need to wrap tape to avoid tape operation failure (b) Reduce the insulation loss caused by the ignition of the contact point. (c) Avoid being bitten by rats, safer

*2. Simple connection, save time and effort when using. *3. Hanger type combination, combined with external terminals, easy to use branch lines, use a variety of diameter wire *4. Widely used for wire connection. *5. Prevent wire short circuit, quick connector wire connector.

Suitable for wires:

22-18 AWG (red); 18-14 AWG (blue); 12 AWG (yellow) Cross-sectional area: 0.5-1.0 mm 2 (red); 1.5-2.5 mm 2 (blue); 4.0-6.0 square millimeters (yellow)

Product type: Terminals