Youpin MiiiW Static Enjoyment Rotating Timer LED Digital Display Magnetic Design Positive and Negative Timing Daily Life & Work

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product-image US $111.89 Product name: MIIIW rest in rotating timer product model: NK5260 Product size: 78.3 X78.3 X28mm product net weight: 76 g Battery: 3 months Battery type: type AAA(no cluding) Working temperature: 0 �� to 50 �� Timing range: (00-99), second (00 ~ 55) Operating voltage: 4.5 V (3 section 7 battery) Volume gear: quiet, quiet (60 ~ 70 db), (80 ~ 90 db)

FAQ How to adjust the time? The timer uses intelligent adjustment. In the countdown timer mode, slowly rotate to adjust the number of seconds, and quickly rotate over 60 degrees to adjust the minutes. How to install the battery? The product should be installed with 3 7 (AAA) batteries and follow the battery storage direction to indicate the battery installation logo. The product package does not contain batteries and needs to be purchased separately. How to attract to magnetic metal such as refrigerator? After tearing off the protective film, it can be sucked onto magnetic metals such as refrigerators. Does the adjustment figure not move? Please note that in the counting state, the number of the rotating outer ring will not change, you need to press and hold to reset to zero to adjust; in the countdown state, you need to stop the timer and then adjust the rotation.

Product type: Kitchen Timers

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