New Bone China Simple White Ceramic Mug Can Print Logo Simple Household Water Cup Coffee Cup Milk Cup Gift Cup

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Product Name: mug;

Material: Bone China;

Features: the cup mouth is round, so you can use it safely and enjoy a healthy life; It is made of ceramic, white and clean, with good permeability and thermal stability; Smooth handle, ergonomic design, easy and effortless, elegant grip; Frosted cup bottom, the cup bottom adopts frosted anti-skid technology, which is stable and anti-skid without damaging the table top.

Customization process: 1. Selection: determine product model, color, quantity, price and delivery time.

2. Finalization: provide the logo pattern to be painted, or we can design it for free.

3. Place an order: place an order for payment after confirmation and wait for delivery。

4. Production: make painting paper, burn decals, and arrange delivery.

Warm tip: once all customized mugs are confirmed to be correct and paid successfully, they will accept the customization agreement and will not accept any return or exchange of goods with non quality problems. We all burn them at a high temperature of 800 ℃ after manual decals. It is inevitable that there will be defects such as crooked stickers, needle eyes and protrusions occasionally, but they all meet the scope of international qualified products.

Product type: Mugs