Ladies/Men's Fashion Exquisite Watches/Diamond Angular Watches

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50-499 pc
RUB 417
500-4999 pc
RUB 394
5000 pc
RUB 349

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When ordering 1,000 pcs — RUB 547

At the first order, a declaration of authenticity is issued. Valid for 5 years.

For the following similar orders, the price per unit will be lower - RUB 512.

Ladies/Men's Fashion Exquisite Watches/Diamond Angular Watches CONTENA ladies watch Imported PC quartz movement Advantage IP plating

This price does not come with a box, If you need to bring a box, please contact us. If the quantity is less than 100, there will usually be in stock For orders with a quantity greater than 100, please consult customer service for the number of days to ship.

Note: The packaging information is not accurate, please ask before placing an order. Subject to reality

The number represents the corresponding watch

Product type: Quartz Watches