Crimp Terminals Wire Connectors Ring Lugs Non-insulated Diy Assortment Kit 930PCS wholesale

Supplier price
200 pc
RUB 390

Available size

6.3 4.8 2.8 O U J
RUB 390
RUB 390

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35 - 60 days
60 - 70 days
Air linehaul
10 - 15 days
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930PCS Crimp Terminals Female Male Spade Insulated Wire Connectors Ring Lugs Connector Non-insulated Diy Assortment Kit

6.3 Male Crimping terminal 50PCS

6.3 Female Crimping terminal 50PCS

4.8 Male Crimping terminal 50PCS

4.8 Female Crimping terminal 50PCS

2.8 Male Crimping terminal 50PCS

2.8 Female Crimping terminal 50PCS

6.3 Insulating sheath 50PCS

4.8 Insulating sheath 50PCS

2.8 Insulating sheath 50PCS

Circular insulating sheath 150PCS

U-shaped Crimping terminal 200PCS

M5 Type O Copper nose 40PCS

M6 Type O Copper nose 40PCS

M8 Type O Copper nose 30PCS

M10 Type O Copper nose 20PCS

Product type: Terminals