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1. No invasive, only breathe into the device, not needs to pierce the finger. 2. Easy to use, press the button for 1s, warm up 20s, the results would be displayed after blowing for 5s. 3. Economy, provide 10 mouthpieces in each package, saving the huge cost of blood strips. 4. Handhold size, be made from the ABS, easy and slight to carry. 5. Three colors LCD backlit screen, show the results more clearly.

How To Know If You Are in Ketosis ?

If your goal is to get into ketosis as fast as possible, you have to test your ketone levels. Why? Testing helps you recognize what foods or habits kick you out of ketosis. How To Test Your Ketone?

Using our Ketone meter for breath testing, it is a type of meter specifically calibrated for measuring the level of ketosis for those on a ketogenic diet

1.Hold the power button for 3 seconds until the device turns on

2.Wait 20 seconds countdown for device warming-up

3.Blow with the mouthpiece for 6 seconds, the testing result will be displayed on the screen: Package Contains:

1 x portable ketone meter 10 x replaceable mouthpieces 1 x carrying string 1 x user manual 2 x AA Batteries are not included

Product type: Household Health Monitors