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Description: Glove brush for pets for combing wool, 23x15 cm. There is a hole on the glove for easier putting on the hand. A glove can arrive both on the left hand and on the right, if you received a glove not on your hand, please issue a return. Animals themselves are cute creatures. But massage with a magic glove makes their coat especially thick, silky and really luxurious. The secret is that the glove improves blood circulation. It is equipped with dozens of soft bristles that not only remove old hair, but also stimulate new hair growth. Designed for caring pet owners who want to combine business with pleasure. Now you can pet and brush your pet at the same time. Alternative Names: Comb, brush, comb, for cats, for dogs, combing glove, for pets, cat slicker, dog slicker, slicker, grooming

Technical features: Product material textile; silicone Product weight without packaging (g) :50 g Type of animal for cats; for horses; for dogs Item height 23 cm Package height 23 cm Packing depth 0.5 cm Number of teeth: 256 Product features for pets comb out shedding hair; massages the skin of the animal; soft Item width 15 cm Packing width 15 cm Country of origin China Complete set glove - 1 piece

Product type: Dog Grooming