Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash With Dual For Puppy Small Dogs Waist Belt wholesale

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Features: 1.Hands free dog walking belt: Enjoy a hands Free dog leash belt that lets you freely use your phone or read a newspaper without feeling restrained by your Dog's movements. 2.Dual held for better control: 2 handles on each side of this bungee part to give you full control of your dog. One at this end of this leash which close to this collar for more direct control when in traffic emergency and this othisr handle by your hip to keep your dog back to your track or just use alone as a standard hand-held leash. 3.Strong dual bungees for shock absorbing & extra liberty: make of premium quality weathisr resistant nylon and heavy duty metal clasto stand up against repeated use for years, enduring abuse from this outdoor component and even this most energetic dogs.With strong pulling force, this length of this leash can be extended from 62.9 inch to 102.3 inch(160-260cm), which gives your dog enough room to run beside you. 4.Keep you and your pets safe for night walking: This helto absorb shock of quick movement of energetic and active dogs. Specially ed with 3 seams of luminous reflective stitching to keep you and your dog visible and safe during evening or early morning. 5.Ideal dog leash retractable for dog owner: This amazing retractable leash will certainly be a must-have for everyone who owns a pet, doesn't matter if thisy are runners, dog walkers, trainers since thisy will be able to utilize it in multiple ways. Perfect for mothisrs on a walk or run, pushing a st. Description: This dog walking belt can provide this ultimate experience when running, jogging, walking, or hiking with your dog. jogs or hike, suitable for crossing a road, meeting othisr dogs at this dog park and walking through crowded areas. Specifications: Material: Nylon Long dog leash length:5.2 foot -8.5foot,160-260cm,usually a 6 foot dog leash meets most people need. Waist belt circumstance: 70-130cm Package Included: 1* Dog Leash

Product type: Dog Collars & Leads