10PCS 12V Car Wire and Cable Plug Connector With Terminal Connection Clamp wholesale

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Features: -100% brand new and high quality -Made of material, durable -Made of flame-retardant materials; -No need to peel off the insulating layer before connecting; -No need to tape conductors; -Fine workmanship and good performance; -Dustproof, easy to use and durable. Product parameters: -Quantity: 10 -Material: PVC -Size: about 21.8*9.8*6.15mm -Rated voltage: 300V -Peak voltage: 2.5KV -Rated current: 10A -Minimum cross-sectional area: 0.34-0.75mm2 -Available wire type: solid wire/stranded wire 22 AWG -Normal working temperature: -35-+80 degrees Celsius -Flame retardant rating: UL94v-0 -Interface type: double head -Insulation voltage: 12V -Conductivity: 5V -Wire diameter(outer diameter): 22AWG -Wire diameter(inner diameter): 22AWG -Lower interface size: 2pin -Upper interface size: 2pin Package list: 10*Cable clamp terminal Notes: 1. Due to various factors such as display brightness and light brightness, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the website picture. 2. Please allow a slight deviation between the data and the manual measurement.

Product type: Terminal Blocks